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Issue 1

Issue 1

  • Period: 2009 - April
  • Volume: 1


  Rabia CAKI



From the first edition of our journal which has international qualifications and receives New ideas, researches and academical writings with open arms, Hello everyone! We have started out with the philosophy ‘Best wealth of a human being is Knowledge’. Aiming to bring personalities together - who pay attach importance to researches, innovations and scientific accretions and willing to share their knowledge end experiences with public, we wished to start our publication life. When it is concern that why we have put our journal’s name as Yeni Fikir; we decided on that it is a name which reflects the journal’s name as bringing everyone around itself, meaningful, open for progress.


  Mesut MEZKIT


Think Local, Act Global


According to our mission throughout the history, in our internal and foreign affairs we must have a political strength which has dominant reasonable logic. Temporal Slippery acts in politics will block the development of this community. It is impossible to think that provocateur movements which result in internal chaos and infighting, is beneficial for this country. It is not possible to built future by uttering non-sense, misleading words and by confusing the public. By exploiting the sentiments of public; to prepare suitable ground to make this community stranger to internal and foreign affairs means to jeopardize the future. This point of view is effective in tribe and clan management. It is the production of shallow vision for future.

  6 - 8


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU


The Golden Horn Of İstanbul: Haliç


Everything starts with a mythology. Olympus’ Zeus, famous for his libertines, sees the daughter of King of Argos , Io who is famous for her beauty and fall in love with her. What is worse happens when wife of Zeus , Hera finds this out. She is so furious that , what is to be done by Zeus is only to protect Io from her wrath. Upon this Zeus transforms Io into a cow. But Hera doesn’t stand stil and puts a sentinel for that cow. Before Zeus reunites his Io who he saved by sending his Messenger, Hera sends a gadfly to disturb Io. To get rid of that gadfly, Io jumps into water. Meanwhile deep valley fills with water and there a Bosphorus is formed. Io escaping both from wrath of Hera and gadfly settles down to gulf where the Golden Horn is. She names the girl she gave birth on a hill, Keroessa.

  9 - 14


  Celalettin SERINKAN


Some Evaluations of strategic Management Practices on Denizli SMEs


In this study, the importance and benefits of strategic management in terms of SMEs are highlighted and SMEs, working in Denizli, perspectives to strategic management and their implementation levels were investigated. Research results showed that the level of strategic management and business activities is not enough and strategic management practices were not included.

  15 - 26

  Denizli SMEs, Strategic Management, Business Activities


  Hans Werner SCHMIDT


Atatürk From My Point Of View as a German


When I was asked to perform a speech under the name “Atatürk in German vision” in November by a school in Izmir, it was a honorable work but also impossible for me to do. There is no such a view of Atatürk in German vision. Hence I could only be able to express my own personal feelings. I would like to summarize what I told there, but if I happen to fail in expressing those ideas fully due to lack of knowledge, I want you to understand me.

  27 - 29

  Atatürk in German Vision


  Aysegul SAHIN


What Is My Identity A Turk Or A German?


Many of our Turkish siblings are influenced by the words ''FOREIGNER'' in Germany, and ''GERMAN'' in Turkey.

The Turks living in Germany are permanently asking themselves this question. When they are identified as ''YOU ARE GERMAN !'' by the homelanders of the country where they live in, they feel themselves stranger living abroad.They also feel themselves stranger when they go to their homeland to remove their longing for family or for a vacation on their holiday-hearing the word ''YOU ARE GERMAN''.So there is a dilemma.Who are they; a German or a Turk?

This situation which has also spread out in our country today aliena-tes most of our friends from Turkey; whereas,there is a longing for motherland that we all have in common.We are presented to be the ones getting more estranged as being mixed up in two co untries.Well, we are all Turkish siblings!

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A 2200 Years Old Secret of ‘Fitness’: Kombuçay


Hard life conditions today thrust people into stress. There waits a risk to the people who tend to medicines as a cure.This risk is the negative side effects of medicine. At this point, alternative medicine comes to the stage. Especially, side effects of the medicine, and that remains of the medicide leads another sickness while treating one enhance the interest to natural products and to the alternative medicine which tends these products day by day. Aegean region which is famous with its climate and natural beauties and where most of world known plants grow is among the advantageous places in terms of getting alternative medicine products.

  31 - 33