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Issue 1

  • Period: 2009 - April
  • Volume: 1


  Mesut Mezkit


Think Local, Act Global


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU, Istanbul Sehri Kultur Tarihi Arastirmalari Merkezi


The Golden Horn Of İstanbul: Haliç


  Celalettin SERINKAN Yrd. Doc. Dr. Pamukkale Universitesi IIBF


Some Evaluations of strategic Management Practices on Denizli SMEs

In this study, the importance and benefits of strategic management in terms of SMEs are highlighted and SMEs, working in Denizli, perspectives to strategic management and their implementation levels were investigated. Research results showed that the level of strategic management and business activities is not enough and strategic management practices were not included.

  Denizli SMEs, Strategic Management, Business Activities


  Hans WERNER SCHMIDT, Yrd. Doc. Dr., Goethe-Institut Izmir Enstitu Muduru


Atatürk From My Point Of View as a German

When I was asked to perform a speech under the name “Atatürk in German vision” in November by a school in Izmir, it was a honorable work but also impossible for me to do. There is no such a view of Atatürk in German vision. Hence I could only be able to express my own personal feelings. I would like to summarize what I told there, but if I happen to fail in expressing those ideas fully due to lack of knowledge, I want you to understand me.

  Atatürk in German Vision