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About Us

Yeni Fikir Journal, which is the International Peer-Reviewed Journal of Academic Research and Studies, has been published since 26 April 2009. Our journal is published in two issues each year in July and December and it is indexed such as General Directorate of State Archives, Academic Turkish Index, Arastirmax Index and ISAM. Our journal aims to present to the contribution and discussion of the academic community which includes the works of Turkish and other languages of local and foreign researchers in many fields of social sciences such as History, Sociology, Philosophy, Philology, Geography, Archaeology, Art History, Law, Political Science, International Relations, Economics and Fine Arts. Yeni Fikir is a bilingual journal of international social sciences. The academic articles of Yeni Fikir Journal are peer reviewed.

In addition to academic studies, the publication of research and current intellectual articles in our journal makes different the Yeni Fikir Journal from other peer-reviewed journals. Since March 2012, our Journal has been continuing its publication life both in print and electronic media.

The Yeni Fikir Journal is supported by the Yeni Fikir Strategic Research Center (Yeni Fikir SAM).