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Issue 12

Issue 12

  • Period: 2014 - Spring-Summer
  • Volume: 6





We would like to state our happiness because of sharing our second special issue with our readers. Continuing of an academic journal –as you’ll appreciate- is very important. Our journal started to gain an important place around the academic community, regard and culture areas, this shows that we are doing an important work for the sake of publishing. At this point we want to present our thanks to our academic staff who don’t leave us alone and our editorial board. Because this journal can be published efficiently by the joint work of an editorial board and a court of arbitrators.

When we released our second issue we declared in the interview that we did for Aydın/Newspaper Flaş: Every journal after five issues is going to be a special issue. Happily we are releasing our 12th issue which consists connected works. We hope to present many issues in the future…

Additionally we want to express that our news site www.yenifikirhaber.com started to broadcast. In this issue we are presenting the articles which our editorial board chose carefully and articles which will have substantial contributions to the academic life. At this point we present thanks to our writers.


  Celaleddin SERINKAN


Michael Porter’s Competitive Forces Research At Course Sector in Denizli


The aim of this study is to examine the current situation of course sector in Denizli in the

aspect of strategic management perspective and to recommend strategic proposals in order

that the sector develops.To this end, the approach of strategic management was analysed first,

competitive and competitive forces were, afterwards.For this reason, for competitive force, an

evaluation was done related the sector with the five forces analysis of Michael Porter which is

an analysis method.In the parts of result and evaluation some strategic proposal were

recommended for the sector in the light of evaluation and analyses which were made in the

previous part.

  1 - 12

  Keywords: Strategic management,privet sector,rivalry, education, course


  Emine ONDER, Ali TAS


The Relationship Between Research Assistants’ Values and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors


In this study, it was aimed to present whether there was a relationship between

research assistants’ individual values and organizational citizenship behaviors or not and the

effect of individual values on organizational citizenship behaviors. Within the scope of this

object, data were obtained through “Values, Sense of Crime, Moral Judgment Scale” and

“Organizational Citizenship Scale”. The study group included the research assistants of Süleyman

Demirel University and Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. The study was designed

according to descriptive survey model. In this study, arithmetic mean, standard deviation,

correlation and regression analysis were presented. While individual values of research

assistants were specified as political, moral, aesthetics, economic, scientific, social and

religious values. Organizational citizenship behaviors were specified as kindness, conscience,

cooperation, civil virtue and gentleman ship. It was found that there was a relationship

between cooperation aspects of organizational citizenship behaviors and religious, social,

aesthetics and political values. Besides, it was found that aesthetics value was a meaningful

predictor on kindness organizational citizenship behaviors.

  13 - 27

  Keywords: Research assistant, organizational citizenship behaviors, value, individual values.


  Mustafa BIYIKLI


An Overview Of The Arap Thought Action From Separatist Action Against The Ottomans To The Struggle Of Independence And Sovereignty Against The West


The Turkish-Arabic alliance, union and peace have shown itself as an important support in

terms of the conquests against West. Especially, the Turkish-Arabic unity which was

established by Ottomans through getting Arabs under administration has facilitated and

accelerated the Ottoman conquests against west.

But besides the fact that the West has gotten the economic and technical superiority,

the development in communication and publication means and the negative effect of

nationalism, independence and democracy understanding, which has occurred in West as a

result of these means, on the Ottoman administration and society structure has brought

about some unwanted results. In that process the religion and customs has been primarily

effective. The protection politics and propaganda of the Western countries intended for the

minority groups living in Ottoman Empire has accelerated these minorities’ desire for

freedom and autonomy.

These politics and propagandas have been effective firstly on the Christian elements

living in Ottoman Empire.

Although the nationalist movements and desire for independence of the Serbians

and Greeks have caused some problems for Ottomans, especially the nationalist movements

and the desire of independence of Arabs have been astonishing for Ottomans. Although the

Ottoman government has fought for keeping up a Turkish-Arabic unity in 19thcentury, as a

result of the fact that Christian-Arab intellectuals which are living intensively in Syria,

Lebanon and Egypt have generated, with the encouragement of West, the Arabic

nationalism and separation ideas and provoked the organized separation movements the

fragmentation process of Ottomans has been accelerated.

The Muslim and non- Muslim separatist groups which has been deceived by the

support and the promises of the Western countries have acted together and this has served

the interest of the western countries. After the collapse of Ottoman State, especially the

Arabs has observed that the promises were not being fulfilled and started to fight for

independence and freedom under the mandate of

Western countries.

This has been a historic experience especially for Arabs. The works and discussions on

the gains and losses of Turkish-Arabic solidarity has been continues up to this time.

  28 - 47

  Keywords: Arab nationalism, Separatist actions, the Arab struggle for independence, the Turkish- Arab Relations.


  Ibrahim ORGAN, Doðan BOZDOGAN


Application And Taxation Of Option Agreements In Turkey


Interest rates, commodity prices and exchange rate developments increased the need for

alternative financial products. Studied the development of derivatives markets as a result of this

need, and a number of regulations have been made for it. These arrangements were made in the

legal and taxation. Meet in derivates market for Turkey based on in the 1980s. In derivatives

markets, option contracts, forward contracts, swap contracts and futures contracts are included.

The option contracts in derivative products, price of the product in any way bought this

product today, securing a further term on the condition that the right to purchase or sell the

deal. A commonly used derivative product. Option agreement, as well as other derivative

products in Turkey and for the lack of a number of legal and tax regulations are not worthy.

In this study, information regarding the expansion of option contracts in the field of taxation

and the user will be given and shall putting forward the lack of propose solutions to the current

tax system.

  48 - 59

  Keywords: Derivative Products, Option Contracts, Taxation, Turkey




The Importance of Concept of Mobbing in Terms Of Individual and Organization


Globalization and competition, developments in communication and production

technologies, efforts of entering new markets and growing in existing markets, customers'

awareness and changes in desires and needs, with the development of the concept of total

quality management, requests for employee participation and more democratic management

cause of these changes are shown. In the 1960s, the existence of a new phenomenon started to

be mentioned that conflicts of interest behavior with psychological violence applied in a

systematic way towards people who are considered to be a potential competitor

This phenomenon is called as ‘Psychological violence (mobbing)’ in workplace.

Studies at sectoral level betray that psychological violence cases principally emerge from

medical establishment, universities and voluntary organizations. The purpose of this study to

reveal what mobbing means and how it is perceived in terms of the individual and the

organization. For this purpose, a literature review was carried out based on the studies that

have been made.

The findings of the literature review reveal that the phenomenon of mobbing already

exists from past, but it hasn’t appeared because of people do not know or realize what it

means. It is necessary to fight against the psychological pressure caused by psychological

stress in the workplace because of its cost and harm to individuals, institutions and

communities. Therefore, eliminating all kinds of psychological pressure (mobbing), to make


into social structures that have a strong sense of commitment, job satisfaction and peace can

be seen among the things to make it as a priority.

  60 - 70

  Keywords: Psychological Violence (Mobbing), Intimidation, Emotional Abuse, Bullying.


  Halil SAVAS


The Evaluation Performance of Statistics Course of Business Departments Students


The main factors affecting the success of students divided into three categories

generally; teaching staff, students and environmental-oriented. Achievements of students on

the basis of these factors, measurement, evaluation and analysis of the results of incorrect

applications have to be detected on the one hand, on the other hand will provide

infrastructure for continual improvement of the performance of success. Following the success

of the student's performance in detail, evaluate and analyze results, and produce new policies

that can make it all the time is very low considering the number of universities, it will be

better understood the importance of such studies. In this study, Pamukkale University,

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Statistics I Fall

Semester 2012-2013 Academic Year course in English and Turkish students' achievement exam

performance were compared. Teaching language in addition to the effect on the performance

of the student's success, gender, education, and an average of variables such as type of course

to determine the effect on the performance of success.

  71 - 79

  Keywords: Performance Evaluation, Business, Statistics, Exam Success Performance, Foreign Language




Alternative Proposals for Tourist Product Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements


UNESCO signed "Convention on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage" in General Conference in 2003. Turkey became a member by signing specifically the article 5448 named as "Law on Ratification of the Convention on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage" in 2006. The main purpose of this study is to focus upon intangible cultural heritage elements as tourist product and to give alternative product development examples. For this purpose, the first part of the study focuses on the concepts of culture and intangible cultural heritage. In the second part, the process of Turkey becoming a member in intangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural Heritage (ICH) of Turkey were evaluated. In the third part, the concept of tourism was defined and information about the current state of tourism in Turkey and the World was provided. This chapter also discussed the relationship between culture and tourism. In the conclusion part of the study, the exemplary solutions were presented for the elements of intangible cultural heritage as tourism products.

  80 - 90

  Keywords: Culture, ICH, Tourism, Tourist Product




The Effect on Employees


The growing organizations, increased competition, technological developments, increasing number of complex chain of relationships within the organization have increased the importance of effective communication in the organizations. The establishment of an effective communication system is administrator's job. An administrator uses to make business communication style with subordinates, because this communication style is important for the subordinates. The communication mistakes affected employees' motivation, job satisfaction, decreased of their commitment to the organization, and leaded to deterioration of morale. In this study, activity in the province of Denizli Pamukkale and Karahayıt to the city center, the hotel employees serving businesses relationships with managers and their colleagues are analyzed. A positive impact on employee motivation of the chain of this relationship has been identified.

  91 - 105

  Keywords: Communication, Organizational Communication, Motivation


  Ahmet KOC


The Relationship Between Nomads and the Administration in the Ottoman Countryside: The Settlement of the Tabanli Turkoman Tribe in Ankara


It is known that the Bozulus Turkomans which were one of the most extensive nomadic communities of the East and South-east Anatolia spread out in Anatolia from the end of the 16th century. The Bozulus Turkomans which were more populated than many towns in Anatolia and began to live in Ankara, Karaman and Aydın areas. Like the other Turkoman tribes from Bozulus, the Tabanlı tribe spotted the productive lands around Ankara for themselves. When the Tabanlı tribe began to settle in Ankara area the Ottoman administration obliged them to pay various taxes and the nomads established a social life in this way. In this work, considering the Tabanlı tribe’s obligations it is dealth with their social order,mukataas and services for the state.

Nomadic Tabanlı Turkomans faced some problems when they were fulfilling their obligations. The policies of the Ottoman administration about the Turkomans and the problems the Tabanlı tribe faced in Ankara area directed nomads to thuggery. The question what was the causes leading Turkomans to thuggery is important because it is the key for understanding the other cases in Anatolia. Meanwhile, during the banditry events that made constant by the Turkomans in Anatolia some groups related to the Tabanlı Turkoman tribe migrated from Ankara to the Western Anatolia. The Ottoman administration, in one hand tried to bring back these groups, on the other hand deported the tribe members who engaged in banditry around Ankara to Rakka. In this work, the historical process the Tabanlı Turkomans got into is analyzed in the light of the Ankara court records (şeriyye sicilleri) and other archival documents.

  106 - 127

  Keywords: Ottoman Administration, Ankara, Nomad, Turkoman, Bozulus, Tabanlı.


  Mustafa BIYIKLI




The new Turkish State showed, with its positive relations, peaceful neighborhood that it founded during the process in which it was re-modeling its foreign policy, and the Sadâbat Pact and peace of Montreux which was founded with peaceful, friendly intentions, that the global and regional peace and common security must be established and protected with the participation of all states. The common peace, common security and regional unity policies of the new Turkish State had awakened echo around the world and enhanced the reputation of the state abroad in a very short time.

  128 - 141

  Keywords: The Turkish foreign policy, common peace, common security, alliances.


  Ahmet CAKIR, Ibrahim AKSEL, Masoodul Hassan


The Role of KOSGEB Support of the SMES Institutionalization


In this study, basic information relating to SMEs, the concept of institutionalization and the results offield research about effects of support of KOSGEB (Republic of Turkey- Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) on SMEs institutionalization. Within this research, 200 SMEs, which has been operating in Istanbul Ikitelli Industrial Zone. The point in question, 100 entities that uses support and 100 entities that not uses support. The data were collected from face to face questionnaires with the owners and/or managers of enterprises. Evaluated the number of survey in this study is 45 entities that uses support and 57 entities that not uses support to total of 102 entities. According to the result of this research, supported firms are more institutionalize than not supported firms. Especially that dimensions; formal structure, cultural power, corporate social responsibility, compliance with corporate environment and norms.

  142 - 153

  Keywords: SME, Institutionalization, Republic of Turkey- Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization


  Metin AKTAS


The Venture Capital Financing Model in Turkey and The United Kingdom: A Comparative Study


Since venture capital financing model particularly promote new ideas and new corporations, it is very precious for the developing countries. In developing countries like Turkey, unemployment rate is very high related to the developed countries. Therefore, by the usage of this financing model of which one of the most important goals is to have people start their own business, the developing countries not only increase their economic development but also decrease their high unemployment rate. The purpose of this study is to search the condition of the venture capital financing model in Turkey by comparing with the United Kingdom. For this analysis, the situations of the constraints about the venture capital in these countries are examined. In addition, by using research and development expenditures, patent applications of residents and nonresidents, number of venture capital companies and funding sources of the venture capitals, a comparison between these countries are made. At the end of the study, it can be concluded that because of the insufficient protection of minority shareholder rights, lack of the government involment to the venture capital system, shortness of the maturity of the funds, few expert consulting firms and weak opennes to the innovation, the usage of venture capital financing model in Turkey is very inadequate.

  154 - 165

  Keywords: Turkey, United Kingdom, Venture Capital, Financing Model




Mario Levi’s “New Novel” I Prepared You Pandispanya A Study Of A Structural Analysis


As its leading author Alain Grillet insistently emphasized that “New Novel” is an orientation of a search rather than a new moment. According to Grillet, the understanding of New Novel means to understand and express the changing connection and interplay between the man and t he l ife a nd t o c reate a n ew p roduct w ith i ts sui generis soul and type. Because the literature is alive as well as the instinct life, it is impossible to imagine that the novel stay with the same type constantly as 150 years past, even though everything within the environment is always transformed and rapidly changed. Every novel is supposed to and have to find its own type and style depending on time and space. Under these circumstances, the aim of this article is to analyze the newly published novel of Maro Levi entitled as “Size Pandispanya Yaptım” [I prepared you Pandispanya] within the framework of Grillet’s opinions and this perspective. Therefore, the Novel, as an completed structure, is attempted to be analyzed by having seperated its components respectively with structuralist approach. The study has c omposed o f f ive c hapters e xcluding t he “ introduction” and “ conclusion”. In the first chapter, there is a detailed summary of the novel “Size Pandispanya Yaptım” [I prepared you Pandispanya] . The second chapter has the title “Novel as a Structure” and analyzed the meaning of the structure within the novel. In the third chapter, in this turn, as an art of narrative, the novel has been evaluated with its main components. The chains of events, the interwoven cases, its narrators and perspectives have been elucidated and illustrated with the quotations from the aforementioned novel. The fourth chapter, in a way, is the parodist reading of the novel “Size Pandispanya Yaptım” [I prepared you Pandispanya]. In this approach, it is aimed to demonstrate the distinctive feature of the novel with its trespassing position of t he t raditional i dea o f novel. Lastly the fifth chapter m onitors t he language and type of the novel by focusing o n t he standpoints o f Norman H . Holland a s a n p rominent author of psychoanalytic critical theory.

  166 - 186

  Keywords: Mario Levi, Size Pandispanya Yaptım[ I prepared you Pandispanya], İstanbul Bir Masaldı [İstanbul was a dream], karanlık Çökerken Neredeydiniz [Where were you while the dark got], New Novel, Alain Robbe-Griller, Structuralism, Psychoanalytic theo


  Mesut MEZKIT


Turkey’s Future Horizon: Conservative Change


It's only possible to take secure steps in to the future by making use of past experiences. Those who dedicated themselves in the construction of future always gave importance to "conservation". Those who struggle to make present and future just like the past are people who try to carry past directly into the future. Here, dilemma between rootlessness and passion of past is cleary seen. However, every society has a moral of conservation that should be used in proper time and place.

So, balance between this incompleted change and conservation has always been matter of ideal and political disagreements. The only thing constant is change, and some values may be sacrificied in this way and this situation also caused objections to this issue. Thinking these two terms together also caused -let's not say disappointingly- altered conservation and change. In fact some doesn't have to destroy and demolish in order to change and some can't be conservative by disregarding the "fact", hence we have to unearth the treasures of past to set balance between these terms. We should built future along with the experience of past but in a unique way. That's why we wrote about "Conservative Change".

  187 - 242

  Keywords: Conservative Change, Conservation, Change, Past, Present, Future, Tradition, Traditionalism,Contemporary, Modernism, Modern


  Abdullah USLU


The Measurement of Ankara Province Inter-City Terminal Management Service Quality By Means Of Servperf Method


The aim of this study is to determine the customers’ perceptions of the service quality on Inter- City Terminal Management of Ankara Province. Therefore, service quality measurement models will be measured by means of SERVPERF method. For this purpose, a questionnaire was conducted to 404 customers and the data obtained were analyzed by SPSS 15.00 package program. In this research, first of all, service quality factors were determined according to assess the customers’ perceptions of the service quality on AŞTI. These factors were determined as ‘Confidence and Willingness’, ‘Physical properties’, ‘Proficiency’ and ‘Accessability’. Frequency and descriptive statistics, ANOVA and “t”test were used. The choice of customers on highway results from low price and confidence. Significant differences are present within the factors affecting variants and service quality according to differences in view of sex and age groups.

  243 - 260

  Keywords: Service, Service Quality, SERVPERF, Transport Sector, Terminals.


  Imran Gur


An Indigenous Offer of The Turcs For The Time’s Area Problem and The Description of The Area of The Alternative Assets in The Ibrahim Prophetess and The Deli Dumrul Stories


The Turks are the inventors of a model of the universe that interfere in the functioning of the Earth but does not interfere in human. The form of the Turkish civilization that had been gathered around of all the other elements and the Turks most ancient way of the life was the “Customs” which was symbolized the concept of this proposal and as one of the most important issues of the postmodern life, is "The area problem" that had been analyzed from the perspective of the original Turkish thinking. On the basis of this perspective, there are the public laws that had been called as the "Law" or the "Customs" that was regulating the relations between the people. The commencing from the relations of the governing and the managed is based on the order of justice and the full equality and the continuation of the "Law" and the "Customs" ethics are being the active factors and to identify the relations between the people and on the implementation to reject the tolerance. The "Law" and the "Customs" are the clear indication of the functional ethics of the Turks and was born in their own faith and from the life model of their relationship between the human. In the civilizations of other than the Turks, which means that to intervene in the human’s own nature and again, in all of these civilizations essentially had created the idea of the self-ethics class, which offers to exclude it from the public laws, thus the definition of encompasses only with the Ibrahim’s area definition in the history. The selfethics is to open the man’s “self assets area" to the public laws, in a particular belief or in a system of thoughts on the public sphere personality and over on the concrete existence of the human and is a public law model of the definition of the created. In the history and even at the present, the provisions of justice is not making it possible to create the idea of the class balance equation by this model of the public laws and it emerges in almost of all the civilizations other than the Turks. The Deli Dumrul story, which had been existed in the Dede Korkut Stories proves that the Turkish civilization and the history is a model to the other civilizations of the universe on the separation of the functional ethics and the self-ethics. The another example in the history is laying down in the definition of the story of the Deli Dumrul's search of his self-area is encompasses with the quest of the Ibrahim’s self-area search. By the definitions of the functional area and the self-area in the Deli Dumrul and in the stories of Ibrahim is laid down in the original format of the problem of the human being's assets area, along the history of mankind of which is in continuing upto the date besides the common practices.

  261 - 283

  Keywords: Self-ethics, functional-ethics, assets area problems, Deli Dumrul, Ibrahim


  Mustafa Gunes


Religious and Sufistic Components of Ali Dede (Pesendî)’s Poetry


Ali Dede (Pesendî) was born in Kütahya in 1813. He died in Kütahyain 1913. He was a

hundred years old when he died. He was educated in Müderris Doðlarlı Osman Efendi Medresesi.

He was given the appellation “Pesendî”, meaning appraised in Persian, By Ârifî. In this

article, Pesendî'n some poems are reviewed from religious and sufistic aspects.

  284 - 291

  Keywords: Ali Dede, Pesendî, Religion, Sufism.




The Word Of Mouth Trends On Tourists Who Visited Turkey


Word of mouth (WOM), one of the oldest ways of communication, is described as the consumers’ tend to share with their circle the positive or negative experiences and information about the product that they bought. It is mentioned in literature that in addition to positive WOM and negative WOM, content and frequency of WOM is also effective on purchase decision process. WOM has positive or negative effects on; emergence of the needs of consumers, determining alternatives, evaluating alternatives and in the decision to purchase. This study aims measuring the effects of WOM on choosing travel agency on the tourists who comes Turkey for holiday. Developed questionnaire has been applied on the three country groups which are the most visited our country (Germany, Russia, England). We made geographical restriction on this study and choose Muðla as a study area. According to the survey below, WOM has an effect on the tourist’s travel agency choice. Also we have noticed some significant differences on the trends of WOM in country and gender groups.

  292 - 320

  Keywords : Word of Mouth (WOM), Travel Agency Choise, Tourism




Historical Tourism at Manisa


From the time of its first establishment to these days, the province Manisa has become a costant residence place thanks to its geographical location. Because of the fact that Manisa is the capital of “Saruhansans”and being a place to educate Sultan’s sons in times of Ottomans it is the richest city of Turkish- Islamic monuments.

Cultural tourist mand in according to ‘’ the historical tourism’’ has become the most significant touristic activity in recent years. With the increasing quality of tourism and the advertisement of our country are effectively possible with historical tourism. Exposing Anotilian cities like Manisa to historcal tourism and advertising them will enable us to meet more qulified facts of tourism in our country.

The aim of this study is to reveal this historical tourism of the city form a geographical perspective in terms of its historical development, the factors affecting historical monuments, the historical structure of the city, the local distribution of historical remains and both the protection and the usage of hitorical possessions. This study is a kind of branch research and geographical methodology is used in academic work.

  321 - 334

  Keywords: Manisa, Historical Tourism