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Issue 13

Issue 13

  • Period: 2014 - July - December
  • Volume: 6


  Feyzullah EROGLU


Managers’ incapability and Psychology of Being Defeated in Turkey

The sustainability of the social existence depends on the presence of problem solving capacity and fulfillment of own tasks and responsibilities of all groups and individuals; especially organizations and institutions. Societies maintain their existence as nations and states through social institutions like family, school and temple; public institutions like central and local government entities; private organizations like companies producing goods and services and other formal or informal organizations (such as non-governmental organizations). The essential task for all these formal and informal organizations is to fulfill the needs of several different social subsystems and provide appropriate solutions arising in this area. For the organizations of all types, the main indicator of management capability of managers and human resources are that, if the issues in the area under their responsibility are resolved. In the organizations and societies which managers have insufficient skills and abilities to manage, internal conflicts are inevitable. In the societies which the problems cannot be resolved properly and the internal conflicts cannot be prevented; after a while, a deep “being defeated” and “being a loser” psychology arises in people.

  Managers’ incapability, desperation, helplessness, psychology of being defeated


  Mesut MEZKIT


Conservative Change

To expect the strict variation from a civilization envision means that those who expect it are trapped by modernism. The mentality revolution does not make change come to life. Furthermore, it will make a rude conservatism come to life. To claim to build a new civilization, is an envision which is rich in terms of petroleum, away from circulation, who literally holds the reality in his hand and pull his back (the historical deepness.)

  The Strict Variation, Conservatism, Variation, Modernism, Islamism, Civilization




Historical Tourism at Manisa

From the time of its first establishment to these days, the province Manisa has become a costant residence place thanks to its geographical location. Because of the fact that Manisa is the capital of “Saruhansans”and being a place to educate Sultan’s sons in times of Ottomans it is the richest city of Turkish- Islamic monuments. Cultural tourist mand in according to ‘’ the historical tourism’’ has become the most significant touristic activity in recent years. With the increasing quality of tourism and the advertisement of our country are effectively possible with historical tourism. Exposing Anotilian cities like Manisa to historcal tourism and advertising them will enable us to meet more qulified facts of tourism in our country. The aim of this study is to reveal this historical tourism of the city form a geographical perspective in terms of its historical development, the factors affecting historical monuments, the historical structure of the city, the local distribution of historical remains and both the protection and the usage of hitorical possessions. This study is a kind of branch research and geographical methodology is used in academic work.

  Manisa, Historical Tourism




Organizational Culture Perceptions Of Academic And Administrative Staff: A Research In Pamukkale University

This study has investigated the organizational culture perceptions of academic and administrative staff at Pamukkale University Çivril Atasay Kamer Vocational School and School of Applied Science by means of several variables. In this study, survey method was used to measure the organizational culture perceptions of stuff. Survey forms were distributed to all stuff and 46 forms were evaluated. The data obtained were analyzed with SPSS 16 software. In this study, reliability analysis, t test and variance analysis were conducted. As a results, only support culture has been found positive perception by stuff. In addition that, the organizational culture perceptions were determined not differ according to stuff gender, age, level of education, professional experience and their titles.

  Culture, Organizational Culture, Organizational Culture Perceptions




A Modern Bard: Ólafur Arnalds and Musical Poetics

As a modern classicist, the musical poetics represented by Ólafur Arnalds manifests with an organic combination formed by stated meaning sequences, genre and thematics. Arnalds expresses a musical aesthetic by combinating modern classic genre with thematics of melancholia, minimality and ambient genres with epicism while relating with metaphysics of presence. He transmits phenomenons which have philosophical depth with the compositions of which made with golden ratio and a thematized intensity of emotion to the sensing area of the audience. His artwork For Now I Am Winter transcends phenomenological aspect and became a diegetic con-templating aesthetics.

  Modern classics, metaphysics, melancholia, minimality, ambient and epicism


  Mesut MEZKIT


The Zion Protocols of Zionism and the World Domination Ideology

Zionism which has the ability of using all instruments in favour of itself in order to achieve the world domination, finds its route to achieve this aim. Zionist Ideology ignores the international rules and this has caused a lot of disasters. When we look at the history, it is possible to see those disasters. The Zionist Philosophy is an aberration. And this disasters still continue. Then what is Zionism? What is the mysterious power that feeds the Zionism with that power? What are the famous Zion Protocols? We will try to answer those questions in our next essay.

  Zionism, Jewism, World Domination, Zion Protocols, Bible, Talmud.


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU


Dr. Lütfi Kýrdar’s 12 Years of Service Time Was the Beginning of the First Big Reconstruction Works for Istanbul

If we compare New york to Istanbul, we can say that New York is a disaster, and Istanbul is a heaven… says the founder of modern architecture Le Corbusier. Le Corbuser does not forget those words he said, and in the future, he adds: A person plants trees where there are buildings. But we kill them. Ýstanbul is a garden of fruits. While our cities are just a stone. This statement is the statement of admiring the islam architecture and urbanism. Of course there was a contradiction in what the Master Le Corbusier said and did sometimes.

  Le Corbusier, New York, Istanbul, Modern Architecture


  James Petras ve Robin Eastman-Abaya


Cuba: The Ongoing Revolution and Recent Contradictions

In order to understand the background of the convergence between USA and Cuba, the new discussion that goes on in Cuba under the leadership of Raul Castro in the year 2006 has a crucial importance. The evaluation below was written by Petras and Abaya in 2007 about the recent problems that are taking place in Cuba. It was heavily criticized without naming by Fidel Castro’s essay titled: ‘’The Super Revolutioners’’. Now it is time to remember this argument once more.

  USA, Cuba, Socialist Economy, Raul Castro, Fidel Castro