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Issue 19

Issue 19

  • Period: 2017 - July - December
  • Volume: 9


  Mesut MEZKIT


The View of Jewish-Christian Cross Alliance On Immigrant Issue and Ensar Country


Turkey Immigrant issue is the biggest problem of our country and the world. Turkey has been made great sacrifice because of being a place where is widely residing or crossing point for immigrants. Especially, it is very important to behave like guests to immigrants. Turkey is in first place to shelter and to help immigrants in the world. However, Western world, rather Jewish-Christian cross alliance ignore the immigrant issue The approach of Turkey and West will be discussed in the paper

  13 - 18

  Ensar, Emigrant, Jewish-Christian Cross Alliance, Immigrant, Immigration, Turkey ENSAR - People who helped immigrated muslims




An Overview of the Syrian Migration Problem


Syrian civil war has caused the largest forced internal and external migration witnessed in human history. Among the countries, Turkey has the biggest share of the external migration in Syria.According to official figures, the number of refugees in Turkey is over 3 million. There is no doubt that the rising immigrant population has such great economic and social consequences in such a short period of time. Moreover, the fact that not all cities of Turkey receive equal share of the refugee distribution means that economic and social consequences can reach much larger dimensions in cities near Syria, which face immigrant refugee migrations. To draw attention to the situation of the Syrians and to support their efforts in the international arena to find solutions to the problems caused by the millions of immigrant hosted by the Government despite all the difficulties. The war of Syria, where the whole world has given a humanity test, has also revealed hypocrisies.Europe, who received with funny figures the immigrants in the immigration wave of the century, has built a border wall for immigrants, has accepted immigrants on condition of religion exchange, irregular and lack of humane conditions in the heart of Europe left Turkey, who hosted approximately three million Syrian immigrants, alone in this issue. The western, who failed in this humanity test, is trying to change the focus by criticizing Turkey in certain areas in order to cover their own hypocrisy. With this study, we will try to figure outhow the western play three wise monkeys at the point of humankind’s values referring to the extraordinary effort that Turkey has shown.

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  Mustafa SAHIN


Migrant City Project That Will Enhance Their Economic And Social Life Contributors In The Countries That Receive Mass Migration


Immigration is when a person or group of people crosses an international border or moves fromone place to another within the boundaries of a country. Migration is a social phenomenon that has occurred in every age from the creation of mankind until today and has affected people with manyfactors. (Bayraktar, 2014) Human migrations have been subject to very different studies throughout history and they have searched for solutions from the perspectives of academicians, state policy and political power. However, no effective solution was found. Until modern times from the most primitive times, the reasonsfor migration have not changed. The most important causes of refugee movements are internal conflict and oppressive regimes

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  Neslihan TOPCU


General Overview of The Refugees Problem


One of the most important problems of our time is the refugee problem. In recent years, its effect has increased even more. As a legal definition, refugeeism has been around for 60 years, the history of immigration and asylum seeking have followed a course parallel with the history of power (Yüksel, 2013) The protection of people who escaped from foreign lands due to oppression and persecution is as old as the history of mankind. (Palabıyık and Koç, 2011: 325) But with the influences of the developing age, refugeeism have transformed from being a regional problem into a global dimension

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Security Zone Policy Jarabulus Experience


The ongoing crisis in Syria in March 2011 led to the abandonment of millions of people whohad died, resulting in the death of more than 500,000 people, 70,000 of whom were children.More than7 million people migrating to the neighboring countries and with those who abandoned their homesand took refuge in safe areas within the country made up to a number in total to more than 14 million people, who have been directly affected by the Syrian crisis. The verwhelming majority of refugees,more than 75% of whom are children and women, continue to live under difficult conditions outside the camps. It has been constantly discussed how international public opinion will take a stand since the beginning of the crisis. While the intervention in Syria was being discussed, the problem, which wastied up with the opposition of Russia and China from the permanent members of the UN Security Council, started to become inextricable. Other ways should be sought out now. In this article, we will explain how international public opinion has developed policies and what the consequences are.

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  Elif DURSUN, Selin Sumeyra DEMIR


The Impact of Syrian Refugees in The Labor Market


The purpose of this study is to highlight the influence of the Syrian refugee problem on the labor market and shed light on all readers with the most intensive content in the day. The saddest of the immigration is undoubtedly refugee migrations. Every year millions of people in the world are forced to leave their lands where they were born and grow up and take refuge in another country. The main realities of the refugees' attempts to take up these immigrations include various economic and social events. In this context, it will be fitted to determine the effects of the cities where the Syrian refugees are able to hold onto the labor market. At the same time, the effects of employment and urban work force on the working class will be examined and it is aimed to reach the aim of research by examining the effect of the questionnaire on the labor market in Aydın

  145 - 166

  Migration, Refugee, Syrian Refugees, Asylum seekers, Working Life


  Deniz OCAK


The Hope of the Darkness

It was sadness. I was broken. I am mostly broken. I was such a small boy in those years, I was like a rainbow of joy flowing through my soul. White flies in my hope. I always dreamed of beautiful things in my childish mind, I dreamed in the name of all lives and my country. One day when I was dressed and ready to go to the school, my house shook with a loud sound. First I thought it was an earthquake because I didn't know what war was. When I was a child, I saw the blood flowing from the wound only in the games I played. I waited for the sound to end, but it didn’t end. We saw a lot of soldiers and then people running around here and there. This chase, was not an innocent chase like the chase game we played when we were kids. Soldiers were shooting the person they saw, blood wasflowing from the people in fact blood was percolating from their dead bodies. The days chased the day sand the situation was not over, back then I was not very cognizant which now I call it "savagery". We could not get out of the house, our faces were not smiling in fact we were very happy.

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My name is Zelda, this is the summary of my story. I am six years old and today is my birthday.But none of this matter anymore. They don’t celebrate birthdays here my mother said. I bend my neck but I could not object because she was right it was not our home. Which house’s inside is bad or in which house’s ground is there mud and in which house is there only a bed and a blanket? This is a tent and not our house. I still do not understand what this place is, where are we, why did we have to leave our home and why we came here, I do not understand any of it.

  196 - 230




The Place of an Immigrant on Earth

I can’t sleep in the sunshine. That morning my sleep was spoiled with the first lights of the sun.I got up and washed my face. I saw myself in that small mirror that Süveyda gave me. That morning I understood how thirty years' time elapsed quickly. Nothing was like before anymore, everything changed. Even when a person wakes up from a few hours of sleep, he realizes that something has changed in his life. It's time that changes the space for me. If the time changes and evolves, the space changes correspondingly. When I looked at the mirror and thought about it, Süveyda came to mymind. Thirty years ago I moved with my wife in the excitement of the first years of my profession and there was a immigrant worker family migrating from Syria to a neighborhood in Kadikoy. The increasing number of immigrants had irregular lives and irregular jobs. This irregularity was increasingly endangering the indigenous workers in the country, dragging our country into economic crisis. They had a fourteen-year-old daughter named Süveyda, who was coming to the school that I’ve been teaching, from this young family with three children. She was the eldest child of a family who had not known the language of this country and had fallen under the psychological influences of some people, along side their bad financial situations. In such short period of time as in three months she could speak Turkish very well. In my eyes she will study and will attain a good position in this country and will look afterher family. To me, her future was bright.

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  Melek ZEREN


The Light of Hope of Unknown Lands

Did you wanted to die every night? Every night I wanted to ... I'm tired of waking up everymorning with the sound of gun shots that pour hatred. I am tired of living with fear of death every day.Have you ever lost your brother on hunger? I lost my seven months old brother last night. My mom my said there is food in heaven. Eflin is eating now, my mother is saying that she feeds her belly. Her tiny body could not stand this hunger, injustice and war ... How long can my body, which is seven year sold, can endure this hunger ...

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  Ipek Yuce


The Sound of Conscience

They found my dead body on the shore of a sea that I do not know. I was three years old. Maybe it is a little time for you; but it was my life. It's been three years since I opened my eyes to the world. It was three years ago when I first saw my mother and my father, it was three years ago when I breathed my first breath. And now at the end of those three years, I lay down on the shore of a sea that I do not know. My heart stopped, my breath was exhausted. First my eyes blacked out, then the sound wore off of my ears. A three-year-old child can’t swim ...

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  Hicabi ARSLAN Mustafa ASLAN Aynur ORNEK


Democratic Life in Extraordinary Times


In extraordinary times, political life is interrupted and great problems might be experienced in using and protecting basic rights and liberties. Democracy has been suspended or tried to be suspended for totally 6 times as; 27 May 1960 coup, 12 March 1971 memorandum, 12 September 1980 coup, 28 February 1997 post-modern coup, 27 April 2007 e-memorandum and finally, 15 July 2016 attempt. In all these actions that have started with 1960 revolution and even included 15 July 2016 attempt, theConstitution and law have been violated and all lawlessnesses and victimizations have cost our nation too much. In this study, the news of 4 national newspapers (Hürriyet-Milliyet-Sabah-Cumhuriyet) comprising a 4-month period after 15 July 2016 (16 July 2016-16 November 2016) were compiled and classified; ‚the news containing violations of rights and law in extraordinary times, as well as regulations aimed at preventing these violations were analyzed and their effects on political, administrative and social life were discussed

  285 - 297

  Extraordinary Time, Political, Law, Basic Right, Nnews.


  Kemal Ramazan HAYKIRAN


Some Thoughts on Sheikh Bedreddin and His Rebellion II


One of the most important topics that have been argued in the Ottoman history is the rebellion of Sheikh Bedreddin which has still ambigious points that need to be enlightened. The rebellion of Bedreddin has been categorized as an ideological uprising against the state and this is again another point of an argument among the scholars. The aim of this study is to argue not only the rebellion of Sheikh Bedreddin but also analyze the relations between Bedreddin and Börklüce Mustafa who was one of the leading participants of the rebellion at that time.

  299 - 308

  Sheikh Bedreddin, Börklüce Mustafa, Çelebi Mehmed, Aydın Province




The Idea of Watan and Nationalism in The Mind of Hasan Al-Banna and Muslim Brothers


In the early 20th century, Middle East had one of its biggest political and social transformation in history while taking the historical background of the region under the sovereignty of the Western powers and the efforts of the states to gain their independence, into consideration. Egypt, as both one of the biggest states in the region and also the obvious scene of all these changes, gave birth to political and social oppositions within the country especially against the British rule over the country. One of the leading of these opposition groups was the Society of Muslim Brothers, which became a strong political and social organization of the Middle East in a very short time. In this work, initially the establishment of the Muslim Brothers will be evaluated with its charismatic leader Hassan al-Banna, and then the approach of Banna to the notions watan (homeland) and nationalism will be analyzed in the light of his own pamphlets.

  309 - 322

  Muslim Brothers, Ikhwan-ı Muslimin, Hassan al-Banna, Nationalism, Watan (homeland)


  Ayse Isil GEL, Ismail TASLI


Students’ Learning Method Preferences in Geography Units of Secondary School Social Studies Course


Units in volving directly or indirectly relevant subjects on geography field take place in Elementary social studies lesson. When the concepts in these units remain at the level of beginning and memorization , geographical percepti on problem semerge. Thus, how students acquire the learning out comes of the courses hould be cleared. A research on this subject was carried on in 2014-2015 academic year in Secondary schools of center Manisa. Chosen subjects from 5,6, and 7th year students are in cluded to experiment group. A form in cluding the questions‛ Which method do you use to learn geography subjects?‛ and ‚ How do you settle this method?‛is given to students chosen according to disproportional cluster sampling method. The results of there search that is carried out by phenomenology model, a qualitativere search method, are expressed by percent (%) and frequency( f). 90 students from 5,6 and 7th classes are in cluded in there searc hand 30 students frome achclassare chosen randomlydue to sampling method. Students are asked to in dicate their preferred learning method, memorization and what is effective in their method determining process. % 55,5 students in dicatethat they try to graspthelogic of geographyand % 38,8 of students express they also memorize besides grasping the logic. At this point, another point reflecting that learning is an in dividual activity is that % 81,1 of students prefer their own methods in order to gain the learning out comes.

  323 - 335

  Teaching Geography, Perception of Geograpy, Rote Learning


  Ahmet UNLU, Mehmet E. GUNDOGMUS


The Effects of Intervention Attempts to Government on the Dollar and the Stock Market After 1980


Especially in the macroeconomic literature, it is insufficient to analyze the economics of an country with only economic factors. Because economic events are extremely complicated, they also have a different social and political background. The mainstream economic analyzes - in order to remove this complexity - take into account only the important and direct influences of the many factors that influence economic events and behaviors. However, in the economic analyzes, it is observed that some factors that seem to be non-economic or unrelated have very serious effects on the economies. Therefore, it is clear that the economy is influenced by political, judicial and military institutions' decisions about the country's government, even conflicts between institutions and acts of inhumanity such as terrorism. Especially in the recent performance of the Turkish economy, have been important determinants of economic policies. For a healthy analysis of the economy, these elements need to be considered as variables. In this paper, the effects of the military coup and memorandum, which were carried out or trained in the period after the establishment of the BIST (The former IMKB, Istanbul Stock Exchange), on the Turkish economy will be examined as a time series. For this purpose, the turbulence created by shocks or memorandum periods on the economy will be analysed with high periodical data like BIST and foreign exchange by using econometric methods during 1985-2017 time periods.

  337 - 350

  Military coup and memorandum, Macro economy, Econometrics, 15 July coup attempt, Türkiye.