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Issue 2

Issue 2

  • Period: 2009 - Summer
  • Volume: 1





The term nouevau roman (new novel) appeared in France after 1950. It is referred to as postmodern fiction in Britain. Divergence from the traditional fiction began with Marcel Proust’s novel ‘Swann’s Way’ published in 1913, with the novel ‘The Modification’ published by Michel Butor in 1957 came most prominent dissociation. In 1916, Tristan Tzara, Romanian-born French poet and writer , founded dadaist literature movement in France. Dadaism rejects all the pre-existing fictional genres . The fact that in 1924, Andre Breton wrote the Manifesto of Surrealism and Louis Aragon signed it put an end to dadaism,and there appeared surrealism. J.P Sartre articulated the theory of existentialist literature movement in 1939.Thus, the age of surrealism completely closed and there came existentialism .’Nauesa’, the novel written by Sartre in 1938 and ‘The Stranger’ written by A. Camus in 1942 are the best examples of existentialism. ‘ The Erasers’, the novel of Alain Robbe -Grillet published in 1953 and ‘ La Modification’ written by M.Butor in 1957 are sample novels of nouveau roman .In nouveau roman , the unity of subject and succession of events are not essential elements

  Dadaism,New novel,Surrealism,Existentialism


  Suleyman Faruk Goncuoglu



When mentioned about the travel books over Istanbul and travels to Istanbul, first things to come into mind are the travel books of Western travelers. In fact this misunderstanding has somewhat occupied our minds. We have focused on the western documents of Istanbul as recent wonderers of Istanbul. When we look at the travel books giving information about Istanbul, first of them is Ibni Batuta's "Travel Book" in 14th century. In Roman Era , he was sent to Istanbul as an ambassador and as an observer and with Arabian travelers notes, it carries rich information. Harun Ibni Yahya, lived in the late 9th century and in the very beginning of the 10th century, states that there were many Turk and Caspian youngs with golden shields and spears in ceremonies while telling us about the Caspian Empire visiting Hagia Sophia.



  Yrd. Doc. Dr Hilmi DEMIRKAYA, Dr. Mustafa SAGDIC



This study was conducted to examine the views of the workers in Burdur Small Industrial Sites towards their vocation and education. 112 randomly selected workers (all of them male) working at small industrial sites in the province center of Burdur constituted the sample, in 2007. A specially developed “semi-constructed interview form) was administred to the sample group. This study is a qualitative case study. The results of the study were analyzed by using content analyses procedure. This study indicated that Burdur Small Industrial Sites workers have encountered numerous problems in terms of their vocational and educational positions.

  Small industrial sites workers, vocation, education, interview, qualitative study


  Fatih GULDAL



In this article, we will see how Arab's image is formed, how Arabian society is regared in history and what king of language Arabs use in relations with other nations through the history books of Ministery of Education. Wide span of time and almost all of the history books since the foundation of Turkish republic has been investigated. Besides, the effects of history text boks on the interrelation ship of these two societies hav been mentioned.

  Arabs, Turks, history books, othering