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Issue 2

Issue 2

  • Period: 2009 - Summer
  • Volume: 1


  Rabia CAKI



We Here we are with our second issue. We are trying hard to blaze a trail in academic world, adopting the criteria and requirements of an international peer-reviewed journal. Positive and guiding responses to the first issue were encouraging, thus giving us power and providing the basis for our new ideas. Those who have read our first issue will realize the difference in our second issue.Many prestigious academicians have joined the board of reviewers who considering it a responsibility, has undertaken an international mission . We believe that the journal, sharing significant and distinguished ideas and views, will prove to be a journal of novel conceptions, unlike those in dusty bookshelves. So this will only be possible with positive mind which questions, investigates and evokes dynamics of society. And we will, of course, build up a human-centered concept.




New Novel


The term nouevau roman (new novel) appeared in France after 1950. It is referred to as postmodern fiction in Britain. Divergence from the traditional fiction began with Marcel Proust’s novel ‘Swann’s Way’ published in 1913, with the novel ‘The Modification’ published by Michel Butor in 1957 came most prominent dissociation. In 1916, Tristan Tzara, Romanian-born French poet and writer , founded dadaist literature movement in France. Dadaism rejects all the pre-existing fictional genres . The fact that in 1924, Andre Breton wrote the Manifesto of Surrealism and Louis Aragon signed it put an end to dadaism,and there appeared surrealism. J.P Sartre articulated the theory of existentialist literature movement in 1939.Thus, the age of surrealism completely closed and there came existentialism .’Nauesa’, the novel written by Sartre in 1938 and ‘The Stranger’ written by A. Camus in 1942 are the best examples of existentialism. ‘ The Erasers’, the novel of Alain Robbe -Grillet published in 1953 and ‘ La Modification’ written by M.Butor in 1957 are sample novels of nouveau roman .In nouveau roman , the unity of subject and succession of events are not essential elements

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  Dadaism,New novel,Surrealism,Existentialism


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU


İstanbul in Travel Books


When mentioned about the travel books over Istanbul and travels to Istanbul, first things to come into mind are the travel books of Western travelers. In fact this misunderstanding has somewhat occupied our minds. We have focused on the western documents of Istanbul as recent wonderers of Istanbul. When we look at the travel books giving information about Istanbul, first of them is Ibni Batuta's "Travel Book" in 14th century. In Roman Era , he was sent to Istanbul as an ambassador and as an observer and with Arabian travelers notes, it carries rich information. Harun Ibni Yahya, lived in the late 9th century and in the very beginning of the 10th century, states that there were many Turk and Caspian youngs with golden shields and spears in ceremonies while telling us about the Caspian Empire visiting Hagia Sophia. The curiosity of Westerns of East and Eastern wealth has always provoked their will to travel. With Western Church's effects and enthusiasm of Christianity religion, travel books were published one after another. The first important stop and center of East is Istanbul. Since Eastern Roman Empire, Istanbul has charmed the dreams of Western World. This is why every travel book was a matter of interest for the readers in Western world. Today, they meant best-sellers. Why many of these books containing some useful and useless information written by the same author and the copies of each other are regarded as travel books as they included travel notes is unknown. But excessive interest in every book written on Eastern geography and Istanbul caused travel book pollution.

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Views of the Workers in Burdur Small Industrial Sites


This study was aimed at examining the views of the workers in Burdur Small Industrial Sites on their vocation and education. 112 randomly selected workers (ali of them male) working at small industrial sites in the province çenter o f Burdur constituted the sample, in 2007. A specially developed "semi-constructed interview form was administred to the sample group. This is a qualitative case study. The results of the study were analyzed by using content analyses procedure. This study indicated that Burdur Small industrial Sites workers have encountered numerous problems in terms of their vocational and educational positions.

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  Small industrial sites workers, vocation, education, interview, qualitative study


  Mesut MEZKIT


Imperialist Idea Of "Neo-Conism"


I In this article, we will analyze the unchangeable policy of USA Empire, which is an exploiting method rather than an economical way of Capitalism. We will emphasize that though the new government states that they will follow USA's red borders in a more smooth and liberal way, it is not a radical change but only a cursory change which follows and applies the same USA theories and policies , Neo-Conism.

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  Fatih GULDAL


Othered Arabs in History Books


In this article, we will see how Arab's image is formed, how Arabian society is regared in history and what king of language Arabs use in relations with other nations through the history books ofMinistery o f Education. Wide span of time and almost ali of the history books since the foundation of Turkish republic has been investigated. Besides, the effects of history text boks on the interrelation ship of these two societies hav been mentioned.

  64 - 75

  Arabs, Turks, history books, othering


  Omer GEDIK


Prohibition of Monopoly in Mass Media under the law on the Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and their Broadcasts Law No. 3984.


Mentioning the superiority of law and establishing the concept of law in a country require the existence of a democratic system.

The existence of pluralist democracy is only possible when it is provided for every department of government from tip to toe and when it is so in the frame of law. A pluralist system makes it possible for everyone to live together regardless of ideas and views, enabling different groups with different social and ecomonical levels to state their ideas freely. According to European Court of Human Rights, pluralism is a sytem which forms information that are ready to be transmitted by public without being exposed to any cencorship. European Convention on Cross Border Television also supports plularism in mass media communication. However monopolization of mass media prevents pluralism in communication. The concept of monopolization ,however, is the violation of freedom of expression, threatening the freedom of mass media communication and preventing the pluralism in mass media, thus interfering with the possibility to express the opinions unbiasedly. Again, with technologic improvements , mass media communication is of increasingly paramount importance to public opinion. Upon considering the activities of mass media to have public service function, monopolization of media will serve for personal interest and will not perform its responsibilities.

However, the tendency of media owners to use their mass media companies to increase their income outside the sector or to use them as a strategic power against politicians reminds us the importance of the investigations on monopolization of mass media.

Based on these facts, we will evaluate how the concept of monopolization in mass media is considered in legal regulations.

  76 - 89


  Yucel Oðurlu


People of Dagestan and Language


It is one of the regions in which languages are concentrated as in lndonesia, Caucasia and lndia. Though there are many other reasons suggested for the variety of languages

In the region, natural and territorial obstacles are the most important reasons for these variety.It is out of doubt that, mountains, deep valleys, rivers caused these people to communicate less and as a result new dialects came in to use. From the tops of high Caucasia mountains to the hillsides, according to some, there are 40 and according to some other there are 80 languages which are being used by these people. There are Caucasian language, Turkii and lranian languages which are being spoken in Caucasi. Turkii languages are known in Turkiye as scientific and ethnologic investigations were made on them. As a result, we investigated languages in Caucasia which are relatively less known in contrast to Caucasian languages and on which we think there weren't enough investigations carried out in Turkey.

After this introduction we want to give information about the languages in Dagestan region. We start with the languages matter in Dagestan, the most frequently asked questions on our this issue.

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  Reiese Dunyamaliyeva


Process of Proctecting The Right of Heritage in Azerbeijan Law


Right of heritage is in one of the property rights. For this reason right of the heritage is protected in tow ways like other rights of property. First of these is protecting the heritage through courts and the second is protecting this right without applying to the court. In our article, proctection of rights of heritage in Azerbeijan laws is investigated.

  113 - 126


  Bunyemin Gurpinar


An Analysis over Article 339 of Turkish Commercial Code in terms of Corporate Governance, Agency Problem and Riyal Business


In incorporated business governance is generally carried out by professional governors. T.C.C (Turkish Commercial Code) made it compulsory to possess share in incorporated business to take part in governance, howeever in application, having a symbolic share is enough to perform this. As a result, govemor attributes of business governance and professional governors as individuals go on both on the occation of real share ownership and symbolic share ownership. It is possible that there would be some arguements betvveen shareholders and governors in incorporated business. These are called "vertical advante conflicts." Main reason of this confiicts is the possibility of misusing the authority related to representing. This is called agency problem.

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