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Issue 23

Issue 23

  • Period: 2019 - 28 July 2019 - 28 De
  • Volume: 1


  Celaleddin SERINKAN, Fuat GUNEY


Some Considerations About Strategic Relations with Turkey and Central Asian Countries

XX. Century environment that determines the basic facts of international relations was the

East-West divide. This divergence based on ideological reasons, as a result of the collapse of the USSR

Empire has disappeared. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which obtained political independence

of the Central Asian Republics, Turkey in all areas initially has been seen as a model country by

these countries.

With these states based on a solid foundation are necessary to establish ties of friendship and

brotherhood. If this is not feasible policies that require responsibility, in the context of relations with

the Turkish nations, may be suffered deeply disappointed. In this case, a historic opportunity not only

got out of hand, it also created a new state of the environment along with the shaping of the future

opportunity may not occur. Besides, this state interests in the region, the effect of the power of Soviet

imperialism or colonialism can push to survive, a new colony of the Russian Empire to fall on the state

of environment can be created.

In this study, Turkey's relations with Central Asian countries are trying to be analyzed until

2014. Turkey is very important for Central Asia, due to its geographical location and strategic resources,

including the Russian Federation and the United States, other forces are in the primary area

of interest. Republic of Turkey, which experienced major conflict of interest in that land, it will be

seize the new opportunities that arise in case of significant progress towards becoming a global power.

  7 - 26

  Turkey, Central Asia, Countries, Relationships, Strategy


  Filiz COLAK, Ferhat KAYA


Rauf Onursal's Works in Izmır Munıcipalıty And Its Term (1950-1954)

Turkey, half a century ago has entered into an election atmosphere with the participation of

multiple parties for the first time. In this election, the majority of the people who took the vote was the

Democratic Party led by Celal Bayar and Adnan Menderes, who came out of the CHP. The same

electorate used the DP in local elections. DP municipality was mostly active in poor neighborhoods,

which were somewhat forgotten and where services did not go sufficiently. This paved the way for

the services that are appreciated by the public. Rauf Onursal, the first mayor of the DP in İzmir, tried

to meet the basic needs of poor districts such as roads, water and electricity with a populist approach

and realized many projects during his time. These projects are still showing their existence even today.

The most concrete example of this is the Variant Road that connects the mansion and Eşrefpaşa road.

Although Rauf is an Honorary Millet deputy and the mayors who succeeded him after he left

office, they did not have as controversial terms as Honorary. In this study, the activities of Rauf

Onursal between the years of 1950-1954 during the mayoral period will be tried to be dealt with by

giving profit and loss ratios.

  27 - 46

  Rauf Onursal, İzmir, Municipality, C.H.P., D.P.




Historical Sources In The Grand Menderes Bosin and Cultural Tourism

Recntly the new form of tourism in the worl is shaped by cultural tourism. The Grand Menderes

basin that constitutes Anatolia and İt’s main part may not be isoleted from tgis development in

tourism.Grand Menderes is not only important in agriculture but also in tourism. The physical and

anthropological situation of the basin has been the basin fort he antique culture that is the subject of

the cultural tuorism. The basin is the most populated aria of our country in the means of antique

settlements. Two of the most visited archeological sites ( Hierapolis and Aydın – Milet ruins) are also

in the settlements from the antique perşod that are open to cultural tuorism. These archeological sites

are Hierapolis , Aphrodisias , Milet , Didyma , Priene , Herakleia , M. Magnesiası Alinda , Alabanda

and Nysa. İn additionthe basin has also many historical buldings and an important battle aria that are

needed to open to tourism.

Geography is base of immovable culture. With this excursions in the Grand Menderes Basin the

cultural tourism of it is brought out in the geographical viewpoint.

  47 - 56

  Geographg, Histori, Tourism, Cultural, Basin.


  Emine Ebru BOZCELIK


New Reading of Family Budget: Financial Literacy

The financial literacy level of the individual and the family has been one of the important

topics of the last century. Especially developed countries have taken various measures to realize this

situation long ago. Countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia

are working on financial literacy. In the studies carried out, the steps taken and the necessary steps to

be taken in order for the individual to develop in this regard as a whole and the society as a whole are

checked and updates are made as needed.

The importance of Financial Literacy has emerged with the global crisis as well as many other factors.

Together with the Morgage Crisis, it has become one of the primary problems of the households. In

addition, as individuals began to become lonely about their income during retirement, individuals

began to realize that they had incomplete information about monetary issues. Savings are now on the

agenda of the individual. In addition to the savings, the way in which the savings are evaluated and

the ways in which the investment tool can be used has gained importance. It is not possible for individuals

to be confused in an environment where there are many and complex options in the growing

and globalized financial systems. The answer to this problem is Financial Literacy.

Financial literacy is useful not only in saving matters but also in managing the family budget. Some of

the many problems we encounter while maintaining our life, such as invoice payments, tax payments,

education expenditures, housing loans, will be able to overcome these problems through financial


When evaluated socially, the proliferation of conscious individuals on the financial issue will bring

along social welfare. Only in this way will the development of total development be opened. Great

steps will be taken in achieving the overall development goal by providing support to individuals,

state and non-governmental organizations and financial literacy.

  57 - 70

  Financial Literacy, Financial Education, Financial Ignorance, Social Support, Econamic Support, Finance, Ekonomy


  Baris GURSOY


Do All Roads Lead to Rome? From Fragmentation to Integratıon

From the dissolution of the Roman Empire, until the end of the Second World War, Europeans fought on

the or outside the continent among each other. War is not the only problem of the continent. Europe suffered

from diseases, migration, economic problems, environmental catastrophes for many centuries. Western Europeans

attempt to find a final solution for these issues; after nearly 1500 years of fragmentation they initiated integration

after the last great catastrophe of Second World War. Moreover, integration cannot be thought without

foreign policy and security. After the centuries of fragmentation Europeans caught an attitude of being united

and having a common manner towards to the “outside”. Fears, traumas, prides, experiences and accumulation of

past can be seen over almost all steps of the integration process. This study, tries to examine the basic conditions

which allows the today’s integration possible from the disappearance of Roman Empire to the Treaty of Rome

that established European Economic Communities with the perspective of foreign policy and security.

  71 - 85

  Foreign Policy, European Union, Integration, Security