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Issue 30

Issue 30

  • Period: 2023 - Spring-Summer
  • Volume: 15


  Ramazan OZTURK, Celaleddin SERINKAN


Determining the Entrepreneurial Intentions of University Students: Example of Pamukkale University

The aim of this study is to determine the entrepreneurship tendencies of students of Pamukkale University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration.The online survey method was used in the research and 101 valid data were obtained. In the research, the University Students Entrepreneurship Scale developed by Yılmaz and Sünbül (2009) was used. According to the results of the research; no significant differences could be found between gender, age, family ownership, family status and entrepreneurship tendency. According to another result of the research, there were differences between the income status of the family and the entrepreneurial tendency.

  01 - 09

  Keywords: Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship tendency, students, Pamukkale University


  Salahattin ALTUNDAG


The Effects of Digital Transformation Caused by The Growth in Online Commerce Volume on The Finance Sector

In contemporary times, digital transformation is causing radical changes in business practices, affecting all sectors. The finance industry is also significantly impacted by this transformation. One of the most notable effects is the escalation in online shopping volume. The objective of this study is to assess global and country-specific data, illustrate the implications of digital transformation on the finance sector, and determine Turkey's portion of the online shopping volume. The importance of this study is to support the finance sector in obtaining a competitive edge by conforming to the digitization process.

Within the scope of this study, quantitative data has been obtained, examined, and interpreted both internationally and in Turkey. The outcomes reveal that digitization has introduced numerous innovations to the finance sector, increasing transaction speed, reducing costs, enhancing transaction accuracy, and augmenting transparency. However, it has been noted that the utilization of digital tools also poses new risks, and suitable security measures must be taken to manage these risks.

Turkey's online trade volume and digitization trends in the finance sector have also been determined based on the acquired data. The findings demonstrate that Turkey is still an emerging country in terms of digital transformation. Hence, it is concluded that finance sector professionals should track digitization trends and integrate these innovations into their business procedures.

  10 - 23

  Keywords: Digital Transformation, Finance Industry, Online Trade Volume, Digitization Trends, E-commerce, Financial Technology, Fintech.




Investigation of Sustainability Awareness of Blue Collar Employees Working in Green Jobs

This research was carried out in relation to the awareness that forms the basis of sustainability activities.. This study, which deals with sustainability awareness at an individual level, was conducted to evaluate the awareness of blue-collar employees working in green jobs. The sample of the research consists of production workers, which are called blue-collar workers. These employees work in enterprises that are one of the green jobs and where recycling works are carried out. These enterprises ensure that the waste material is included in the re-production by using the recycling processes effectively In the research based on quantitative data, the data collected with the face-to-face scale were analyzed with the SPSS24 program. As a result of the research, it was seen that the general perceptions of the participants towards sustainability awareness were moderate. The lowest tendency among the three sub-dimensions of sustainability awareness was found in the behavior dimension. The knowledge dimension was the variable with the highest tendency. Environmental awareness, which is the other sub-dimension of sustainability awareness, is a variable with a moderate tendency. Sustainability awareness differs according to the income, education level, marital status, having a child and age of the participants. When evaluated in general, the participants of the study have moderate knowledge and awareness about sustainability, but there is a low tendency to reflect this on behavior.

  24 - 38

  Keywords: Sustainability awareness, Knowledge, Behavior, Environmental awareness, Sustainability awareness scale




Cultural Link From The Past To The Future: The Exhibition of Touches to Ehram

In this study, it is aimed to determine the views of the visitors regarding the " Touches to Ehram " exhibition held at the Bayburt Bedesten Art Gallery within the scope of the 26th Bayburt Dede Korkut International Culture and Art Festival between 18-24 July 2022. The sample of the research, in which the scanning model was used, is from the universe of those who visited the exhibition named “Touches to Ehram”; 52 people who volunteered to answer the questionnaire; a person who is Ehram Weaving Master was interviewed. Opinions of the participants were taken by questionnaire and interview form. Apart from these, visitor tastes were also examined through the Bayburt Municipality Social Media account.

According to the findings obtained from the data collection tools; Exhibition of Touches to Ehram and the sub-events under the title were highly appreciated both by almost all of the physical exhibition visitors and by those who follow the official social media account of Bayburt Municipality. Souvenirs and accessories are at the forefront of producing new products from Ehram. There is a need for comprehensive and employment-providing projects aimed at transferring Ehram weaving culture to new generations and ensuring its use.

  39 - 48

  Keywords: Ehram, Bayburt, Bayburt Ehram’s, Culture, Tradition.


  Busra Gunduz COBAN


Surname for the Best Interest of the Child in Cases of No Personal Relationship Between the Child and the Non-custodial Parent After Divorce

Name is a personality right that can also be defined as a sign to distinguish people from each other. Surname; means family name expression. The concept of surname is defined in Turkish law with the relation of lineage. Surname acquisitions can also be made through marriage contract, adoption, court mediation and also through applications submitted by administrative authorities today. The main subject of our study is to examine the mother's right to take the surname of the mother in terms of the best interests of the child, who was born in a family union, after the divorce, leaving the custody to the mother and avoiding the father's right to establish a personal relationship, and in cases where the child's relationship with the father cannot be achieved.

  49 - 59

  Keywords: Surname, Child, Divorce, Custody, Personal Relationship