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Issue 31

Issue 31

  • Period: 2023 - Fall-Winter
  • Volume: 15


  Muhammet Ogur


Turgut Ozal Period of The Relevant Effective to Increase The Export Turkey International Businessmen Trips


The period between 1980 and 1990 caused Turgut Özal to be called the "Özal Era" in terms of both his role in the January 24 decisions and his becoming prime minister in 1983 and president in 1989. Turgut Özal period constitutes one of the most discussed and exemplary time periods in Turkey, especially in terms of economy and foreign policy. It is thought that the January 24 decisions, which Turgut Özal led before he was the leader of the government, and the economic decisions he mediated as the prime minister, caused the transformation of the Turkish economy. One of the main dynamics of the economy of this period, in which many criticisms were made, is the trips abroad with business people. While these trips had positive results such as increasing Turkey's exports, they also received negative criticism as they caused an increase in imports to Turkey. In this period, which affected the transformation of the economy from an agriculture-based view to an industrial one, it is considered that the foreign trips made with business people contributed to the increase in the share of industry in the economy. Revealing the curious aspects of the economy of this period will be an important guide for researchers and today's politicians.

  01 - 17

  Keywords: Turgut Özal, Abroad Trips, Economy.


  Fatih Nacar, Sadiye Tutsak


Generating Electricity of Konya and Activities of Konya Electricity Turkish Incorporated Company (1926-1932


Electricity is the most commonly used and indispensable energy provider of today's technology. Electricity, which we can easily access in almost every part of our daily life today, goes through different and challenging stages that many of us do not even think about. In the past, it wasn’t so easy for electricity to become widespread. Konya which was the important city of Ottoman and Turkish Republic, is one of the first provinces in Anatolia using the electricity whose production, distribution and use of differs from country to country or even region to region. Due to the fact that there is no previous study on this subject related to this prominent city has tended us to write about the use of the electricity in Konya. In this study, generating electricity of Konya has been tried to be explained through the activities of Konya Turkish Incorporated Company, which was established for the production and distribution of electricity in Konya. This company was founded in 1926 and generated electricity in 1929.

  18 - 29

  Keywords: Konya, Electricity, Generate electricity, Company of Electricity, City Lighting