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Issue 7

Issue 7

  • Period: 2011 - July
  • Volume: 3


  Rabia CAKI



We have just left behind the 6th issue o f our journal, and now this is the 7th issue.We presented our 6th issue as collected works.Making this a tradition, we will try to present collectively the articles o f our two year issues, especially academic ones.Our goal from the beginning is that our journal is to be regarded among the ones which are accepted nationally and internationally; furthermore, it should have a voice in literature.Receiving many valuable articles both home and abroad in our former issues, we tried to make a different image in the minds o f our readers. We got greatly positive reviews and congratulations.Taking into consider all o f these, we published the 7th issue. Our magazine, which completes a long and laborious process till it meets with the readers, from now on, will be with you twice a year.The summaries o f the articles are published in English and German now but will be in other languages, too, if it is required.

In this issue again, our valuable writers drew up the issues that will help to open new ideas. With the wishes o f meeting new ideas and new issues...


  Celaleddin SERINKAN


Michael Porter's Competitive Forces Research at Course Sector in Denizli


The aim of this study is to examine the current situation of course sector in Denizli in the aspect of strategic management perspective and to recommend strategic proposals in order that the sector develops.To this end, the approach of strategic management was analysed first, competitive and competitive forces were, afterwards.For this reason, for competitive force, an evaluation was done related the sector with the five forces analysis of Michael Porter which is an analysis method.In the parts of result and evaluation some strategic proposal were recommended for the sector in the light of evaluation and analyses which were made in the previous part.

  13 - 20


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU


Everyone Has a Door and This Door Will Be Knocked One Day


While going past the mosques which are in city centres, there is an expression on some of the garden gates of the mosques: No parking.It is funeral gate.There is a strange feeling inside me when I see it.Suddenly, I feel as if lonely.This is to realise for a moment that the adventure of life which starts in a delivery room ends at a funeral.That is why I feel so then. It is interesting that we waited between these two gates and many other sills.We forgot that the real thing lies in these gates which are the beginning and end of life, and the others are of no importance. We made the life ordinary at the gates of owners of power who are expected with hope, at the gates of government and darling.

  21 - 21


  Recep Tayyip Erdoðan


The Tears of Somalia


Turkey is redoubling its efforts to end the suffering of the Somali people. The world should followSomalia is suffering from the most severe drought and famine in the last 60 years, which has already resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and endangers the lives of 750, 000 more Somalis. This crisis tests the notion of civilization and our modern values. It reveals, once again, that it is a basic human obligation to pursue international cooperation and solidarity to provide solace for those suffering from natural and man-made disasters.

  23 - 24


  Michel Chossudovsky


The Destabilization Of Syria And The Broader Middle East War


What is unfolding in Syria is an armed insurrection supported covertly by foreign powers including the US, Turkey and Israel. Armed insurgents belonging to Islamist organizations have crossed the border from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The US State Department has confirmed that it is supporting the insurgency….

  25 - 26


  Muhammed Nureddin


Turkey and Syria: The End of a Strategic Deepness


Turkey-Syria relations were exposed to a strong shock not only before AKP came to power but also long before the improvement process starting in 1998 in security and political fields betvveen Şam and Ankara. The last shock, avvay from being a temporary station, announces us the beginning of a nevv period that not having possibility to enframe but having another rules.

  27 - 30


  Daniel Tanuro


The Futility of Green Capitalism


Daniel Tanuro's new book, L'impossible capitalisme vert, or "The Futility of Green Capitalism", is a major contribution to our analytical understanding o f ecosocialism.

Tanuro, a Belgian Marxist and certified agriculturist, is a prolific author on environmental history and policies.

Addressed primarily to the Green milieu, as the title indicates, this book is a powerful refutation of the major proposals advanced to resolve the climate crisis that fail to challenge the profit drive and accumulation dynamic of capital. Much of the book appears to be a substantially expanded update of a report by Tanuro adopted in 2009 by the leadership of the Fourth International as a basis for international discussion. That report was translated by Ian Angus and included in his anthology The Global Fight fo r Climate Justice.

  34 - 38


  Abdul Rahman Adam


The Strategy of Foreign Policy of Malaysia and Turkey


This article searches the potential at the relations between Malaysia and Turkey in accordance with the purpose of the 9th Development Plan of Malaysia.As an introduction to this debate, we have a look at the strategies underlying the orientations of Foreign Policy of Malaysia and discuss the main problems which arise at the implementations of these strategies.

  54 - 63


  Rovshan Ibrahimov


The Relations between Turkey and the Turkic Republics: The Past, Present and the Future


This article focuses on the relations between Turkey and the Turkic Republics. Relations between Turkey and the Central Asian Republics, which had been a disappointment at the beginning because of the political romanticism of both sides. Later the relations, particularly the economic relations, has gained wider and more realistic perspectives.

In addition to the examinations of these topics, the article also proposes perspectives related to the future relations.

  64 - 71