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Issue 7

Issue 7

  • Period: 2011 - July
  • Volume: 3


  Mesut Mezkit


The Basic Contradictions in Efforts to Christianise

It is notable that missionary activities in Turkey are gaining speed day by day. Thesemissionary activities are carrying on full speed nearly in all areas in Turkey. Missionaries do their activities so secretly that many people who do not knowwhat Christianity is, especially our teenagers, believe in them. They are in an effort to reach their goal well by taking advantage of the good atmosphere which exists in Turkey. Missionaries tell people not the real Christianity but the false one while approaching people. They never tell about thewritten Bible; in contrast, they follow the paths which fit theirs to reach their secret aims. Furthermore, they define Christianity as the religion of peace, tolerance, dialogue, self-sacrifice that serves for people and persecuted and deceive people by using thesewords. They claimthat the terorist attacks which were performed by muslim people of our age stem from Islam and they reflect discredit on all muslims, that is, they are in a struggle to show Islam as a religion of terror. They use any kind of communication to do this. Besides, they describe our lovely prophet with bad words.They do these activities not abroad, but in Turkey. In this study, we will examine how the bibles were falsified and why they were presented in a twisted way.


  Celaleddin Serinkan, Doc. Dr. Pamukkale Universitesi IIBF


Denizli Unterrichtsforschung Sektor Der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Untersuchung

The aim of this study is to examine the current situation of course sector in Denizli in the aspect of strategic management perspective and to recommend strategic proposals in order that the sector develops.To this end, the approach of strategic management was analysed first, competitive and competitive forces were, afterwards.For this reason, for competitive force, an evaluation was done related the sector with the five forces analysis of Michael Porter which is an analysis method.In the parts of result and evaluation some strategic proposal were recommended for the sector in the light of evaluation and analyses which were made in the previous part.


  Abdul Rahman Adam, National University of Malaysia, Bangi


The Strategy of Foreign Policy of Malaysia and Turkey


  Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Basbakani Recep Tayyip Erdogan


The Tears of Somalia


  Michel Chossudovsky


The Destabilization Of Syria And The Broader Middle East War


  Muhammed Nureddin


Turkey and Syria: The End of a Strategic Deepness

Turkey-Syria relations were exposed to a strong shock not only before AKP came to power but also long before the improvement process starting in 1998 in security and political fields betvveen Þam and Ankara. The last shock, avvay from being a temporary station, announces us the beginning of a nevv period that not having possibility to enframe but having another rules.